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Rich Flavoured Digital and Email Marketing

SALT is an Email Marketing specialist - skillfully applying creativity to email marketing which remains an essential component of a sound digital marketing strategy.

Email marketing builds your brand relationship with your clients on a "opt-in" basis, meaning you are communicating with an audience that wants to hear from you.

Email remains a formidable channel to drive sales, acquire customers and retain them. An informed email marketing strategy - combining the best of bulk email with customer nurturing automated marketing email can maximise your return on investment.








Strategically Designed Email Marketing

SALT specialises in designing, developing and delivering email marketing, whether it be a once-off email, a campaign with a series of emails, or ongoing email newsletters.

From conceptualising the campaign, to coding and testing the mailers, to loading and segmenting databases, including building direct opt-in forms for your website, SALT has it covered.


Customer Nuturing Automated Email Marketing

Email marketing is maturing and evolving, and the range of email marketing options is expanding. Communicating with both prospective and existing customers can further be enhanced with automated or 'drip' email marketing, which can be used to nuture conversion on the customer journey with your brand.

Once a customer opts-in to a particular customer journey or path, the marketer then has the opportunity to nuture that customer via a customised series of emails. Each email building the relationship and educating the client, taking them on that journey that will prepare and convince them to make the purchase.

The Windmill Mailers


Email Marketing

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Automated Email Marketing

Automated Marketing Strategy
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"An email address is like
a customer's "digital fingerprint"

David Daniels  -  Email Marketing Expert - The Relevancy Group