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SALT - The Team

Craig J. Rietveldt

Founder and
Principal Consultant

Craig Rietveldt is a seasoned branding and creative consultant. He has worked in the creative industry for more than 26 years and specialises in brand creative development and reinforcement, creative strategy, digital solutions (web and email marketing), print sourcing and buying.

His company, SALT, is based on a sound creative philosophy - in essence to flavour, enhance and preserve - to take brands and add a generous dose of flavour to enhance the brand, and to do this consistently in order to preserve brands. Craig’s core passion is strong creative working hand in hand with clear business objectives, used consistently across all channels. There is nothing better than seeing great creative coming across all channels to realise and exceed a client’s business objectives.

Craig embraces doing things thoroughly, believing in thinking and following things through completely from beginning to end, whether it be developing brand new creative, handling the technicalities of production, developing and implementing a digital solution, or seeing that a project arrives on time.

A little about Craig:

Although not much time for it, Craig enjoys a good book, a good movie, rekindling his enjoyment of a good drawing or painting when one of his three teenage children need some help on a creative project for school or varsity.

Craig's favourite things:

Family, good friends, good food, an island holiday and of course a great cappucino!

Paulo Marques

Paulo Marques

Creative and
Development Consultant

Paulo Marques is a born, bred and pure creative minimalist, embracing the "Less is More" approach to design, which results in less visual clutter and creativity that is reduced to the essentials, which, in essence produces more effective communication. Paulo began his creative odyssey in minimalism at Greenside Design Center, where his passion for creativity produced a Silver Loerie Award for poster Design during his final year.

Paulo's innate ability to be absolutely focused produces a creative stream of high quality design and digital projects for our diverse range of clients. Paulo possesses an ability to jump seamlessly between projects and is often seen bridging the divide between print and digital creative and development.

A little about Paulo:

Paulo has a passion for moulding and painting magical designer vinyl toys, engrossing adult colouring books, the odd bit of baking and cooking up a storm, and enjoys listening to a wide-ranging selection of music.

Paulo's favourite things:

Paulo has a serious addiction for movies and TV series.

"There are three responses to a piece of design - yes, no and WOW! Wow is the one to aim for."

Milton Glaser  -  Well-known American Designer